Google Search Engine Optimization Core Updates Explained

There have been countless updates completed by the major search engine of the world, Google, by including 8 major renovations. Many stumble, struggle, but others like us understand these algorithmic changes. For brick and mortar businesses, online stores, and SEO’s; we perform our best to operate within these strict guidelines. This article explains the 8 core updates, how it affects your business’ online rankings, and what you can do to perform at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Panda

Date: February 24th, 2011

Think of the Panda Bear update as the Copy Cat evolution aspect of Google’s core algorithm change. Google robots crawl the web, search for matches within all sites, and penalizes blogs/businesses/and websites that are plagiarized or are less trustworthy. For natural, authoritative, and relevant sites, these locations are scored via a “quality score”. Common sense tells us to use clean content. We recommend this resource location to determine if your content has be plagiarized at

  • Penguin

Date: April 24th, 2012

Google’s purest intentions are to offer non-spam links on the world wide web. This involves back-links that look unnatural, forced, or purchased via black-hat SEO marketplaces. Learn more about how you can advertise friendly unique resource locations with our friends at Moz via Penguin’s strategy is to eliminate bad links, lower the rankings on bad sites, and offer the most relevant content for potential consumers.

  • Hummingbird

Date: August 22nd, 2013

‘Keyword stuffing’ – this is the number one red flag to be careful about in regards to this core update. Although keywords are important because buyer intent revolves around words, phrases, and terms. Because of that, Google Hummingbird spiders crawl the web, search for phrases, and just like Panda Bear matches and mismatches phrases from a latent semantic robotic-ethical methodology. It is best practice to use natural language whenever understanding your business’ blog; tell your friends to diversify their language markup.

  • Mobile

Date: April 22nd, 2015

Perhaps the most important of all of the updates is the Google Core Mobile Update also known as “Mobilegeddon“. Mobile rankings would be affected in positive ways because websites with mobile-friendly websites would see positive correlation in terms of rankings. An easy case to solve, but many do not understand the potential implications regarding this change. If you want to develop a mobile-friendly website then check out this useful tool at

  • Rankbrain

Date: October 26th, 2015

Machine Learning is the most important aspect of Google’s core algorithmic changes. Spiders crawl the web with Hummingbird’s core update and searches for search queries, matches content, and builds trustworthiness with relevant, authoritative, and natural websites. This matters because non-plagiarized content is scored higher via Panda’s quality score, Penguin’s authoritativeness, and Hummingbird’s latent semantic matches or mismatches. Essentially, relevant content matters most.

  • Medic/Nurse

Date: May 4th, 2018

Relevant health, wealth, love, and happiness authorities are the implications pertaining to medical websites. Google searches and ranks blogs, products, and services with high trust back-links, quality content, and relevant information to help society discover the solution to their problems. Our best advice is to high an expert writer to type out your content so you can appear grammatically sound.

  • Bert

Date: October 22nd, 2019

This core update is a lot like Panda, Hummingbird, and Rankbrain in terms of Google providing natural, relevant, and authoritative content on the world wide web. The importance of this update is to bring content that contains beef, not fluff. Our partners at offer authoritative, relevant, and natural for a low price. Check them out whenever you get a chance or feel free to visit the best post bert seo services from Fort, Worth, Texas.

  • Today’s Updates

Date: 2017-Present

As we’ve discussed with the major core updates we must reiterate that your business contains good links because this will always help you improve your exposure on the world wide web. Focus on what you cannot understand because from an epistemological standpoint we must help the world bring goodness. Helping the helpless is the reason for our existence on this planet.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns do not hesitate to reach us on the comment section. We’re always online to help you succeed with your online ventures.

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